Monthly Archives: September 2007

Worst TV Moment Ever

This has got to be one of the most embarrassing moments ever in Swedish TV. I feel sorry for her for so many reasons, hosting a game show like that in the first place being one of them.

Warning: this is not for the overly sensitive! In fact, don’t click on the link. I’m just keeping this for reference.

Link to YouTube Video (becuase WordPress doesn’t allow me to embed videos for some reason).

American Football

I just watched my first American Football game ever, and had the pleasure of doing it live at the Stanford Stadium with JT and his friends. Unfortunately (and appearantly expectedly), Stanford lost. Nevertheless, it was a very fun experience!

Stanford vs Oregon 2007-09-22

Webcam for Linux/Mac/Windows?

I’m looking for a webcam that works in Windows, Mac, and Linux. My basic requirements are:

  • Not too bulky
  • Not too pricy
  • Must work in Linux

Any recommendations? Oh, and are there any programs that work with webcams in Windows/Mac/Linux as well?