Catching up

Just around the time when my old 160 GB Seagate hard disk drive crashed, effectively wiping this blog, the photo gallery and lots of other (admittedly less important) stuff, some pretty positive changes happened in my life.

I’m no longer a Computer Science student. I finished my master’s thesis in the middle of April and now have a major in Computer Science and a minor in Informatics, after a total of five years at the university. It’s been a really nice time and part of me regret that I’m no longer studying. I’m the kind of person who values freedom more than money. Mostly, though, I’m quite happy about my new daily duties.

Immediately after finishing the master’s thesis, I got a job and now work as as Chief Software Engineer at a Swedish company called Emsize! I feel very fortunate because I know of friends who have not got a job even a year after the studies were completed. By the way, I can’t complain about the freedom either. Basically, I can choose where, where, and how much I want to work every day. For a person with lots of hobbies and other activities, this is just perfect. And the money is good too. 🙂

Slowly but steadily, I’m going to manually restore the blog posts that was lost in the crash, along with correct post dates and links (but not the comments and trackbacks). I’m also going to add the gallery albums one by one. I’ve already setup a daily backup routine and verified that it works. As part of my responsibilities at Emsize, I’m the server administrator at work too, so I’ve already applied some of my knowledge and experience there.

It’s good to be back in the blogging world, especially now when I’m sitting with a computer every day on the train to and from work.

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