We had a great day today, visiting Sofie’s twin sister Sanna in Örebro. We were mostly just walking around (me often a few meters behind taking pictures), but it was really nice. Örebro is actually a very nice city to be in, better I’d say than my home town Eskilstuna.

On a somewhat related notice, does anyone know why the Picasa exported images have modified shutter speed values in the JPEG EXIF information? For example, this picture originally has a shutter speed of 1/800th second, but after slightly adjusting the contrast, cropping, and exporting it in Picasa, the shutter speed changed to 1/3 second. Annoying!

2 thoughts on “Örebro

  1. Curtis

    Stop haning out with all those ducks and Paris Hilton!!!

    Seriously though, those are some pretty shots. I think you could make this a career if you wanted to.

    Thanks for sharring the pictures!


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