MSN support in Gaim for Windows broken too

Staying on the subject of broken betas, I installed beta 3 of Gaim 2.0 for Windows, but it can’t seem to connect to MSN from my workplace. It seems this bug has been reported, but there is no fix or resolution to it. Too bad, because I prefer Gaim over Miranda IM. In this case, I have no choice but to go back to Miranda though.

It’s funny how both instant messaging projects seems to evolve in an extremely slow pace. Isn’t it interesting to develop chat programs these days?

23 thoughts on “MSN support in Gaim for Windows broken too

  1. Jed

    Must be your install, or work place.
    I’ve been using beta3 since it came out and have always been able to connect to MSN (on windows), I’m even connected now and chatting with a friend.

  2. Sirsquishy

    Gaim’s MSN support IS broken!

    I was getting this error when starting gaim today, Faulting application gaim.exe, version, faulting module libglib-2.0-0.dll, version, fault address 0x0004117d.

    In order to work around this error EVERYTIME i started gaim i had to edit the accounts.xml file under application data. I removed EVERY account entry for MSN and sure enough Gaim started to work again.

    MSN was working on friday, and in fact i can connect to MSN through MSN messenger as normal, so its 100% definate that Gaims ( windows port atleast ) support for MSN is currently broken.

    ( this happened on 12 different Pcs today, and In order to get gaim to load and run Googletalk, Yahoo, and ICQ i had to edit every XML and omit the MSN entries )

  3. Mark

    To add to what the others are saying, I too am having problems. Connecting to MSN crashes Gaim instantly even though it was working fine yesterday. I’ve not yet found a resolution.

  4. Jon

    I’m having the exact same problem. It was working when I went to sleep at 2AM this morning. When I started my computer up, it was broken and has been all day. It’s only broken on my laptop–at work, it works fine. Anybody have any ideas what’s happening?

  5. Alfred

    AppName: gaim.exe AppVer: ModName: libglib-2.0-0.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 0004117d

    Hey guys- i had the same issue- but mine worked fine before…and all of a sudden now im getting this libglib error- only happens when i go to turn on my msn account. Well…. I was researching a little…and remembered to check something. Other day i was troubleshooting one of our employees cisco vpn client – they had some issues with the windows xp sp2 with the windows firewall being either on or off with no exclusions that was related to the program we were having issues with which was the cisco exe. Anyway long story short, I had done my recent updates and all and noticed my firewall was on which i normally keep off since i have a netscreen on my network, turned it off, and after the next day or two started having the issue with my gaim and the windows error popups each time loading since i have our corp IM..and yahoo and msn…..msn..was giving me the trouble….. So i decided to go into the firewall section in the control panel and added it under the exclusions list, and now..low and behold no error? Dont know what the deal is there..but im going to leave it 🙂
    anyway…i know it sounds wack but if it helps great!


    I had this same problem on a number of machines today. Yesterday, all was working fine. I found that removing all MSN accounts from the accounts.xml file solved my problem. If I then added back my MSN account it failed trying to connect. I had to go back and remove the MSN account again. Looks like I can’t connect to MSN buddies until there’s a resolution. Hopefully, someone will figure out if Microsoft made some changes that caused this.

  7. SG

    Here is what happened to me that may help someone troubleshoot this. I had the same issue with that everyone described, one day it MSN worked the next it did not. However, what I noticed was that it only crashed gaim when I was attached to my companies network. I tried three things and all using the same laptop; 1) launched gaim while physically attached to corp network, gaim crashed. 2) dsiconnected from corp network and launched gaim, no problems. 3) connected to my corps network using VPN and launched gaim, gaim crashed. These conditions were repeatable. I did noticed that my hard drive light was blazzing away when I logged into my corps network before gaim started failing which usally indicates patches of some sort or another being installed. I also rememebr reading that MS had posted a bunch of security patches and wonder if the problem lies there. Anyway hope this helps. My temporary solution was to go into my accounts (after logging successfully OFF the corp network) and de-selecting the auto login feature of MSN.

  8. Simon

    After reading Alfred’s comment regarding firewalls, I manually edited my PC-Cillin firewall to allow anything from GAIM, and it worked fine.

  9. Casch

    I am getting the same error when trying to use gaim for msn. I have been using a squid proxy to bypass our corporate firewall for some time now. This just stopped working a few days ago and spits out some “gaim.exe error / dll hell”. All other chat programs are working fine. I have tested this with and with out a proxy. I have also tried without any firewall whatsoever. The program still crashes. However, If I use the Microsoft specific “MSN Messenger” it works fine with and without the proxy. It is almost as if Microsoft changed somthing on their end. I know that they have their own special client and it gets updated quite frequently. Somthing with the Authentication process changed perhaps???

  10. Jeff

    I just installed the 2.0 beta 3 version today and MSN is working fine for me. Hopefully they have corrected the libmsn.dll for future releases.

  11. Carlos D. Morales

    This thing definitely fixes the issue on my WinXP SP2 install!! Thanks a lot.

  12. travis

    i installed gaim 1.5.0 directly from the windows gaim website (bundled with gtk+ 2) and when i sign in to msn using gaim i get this error:

    AppName: gaim.exe AppVer: ModName: libglib-2.0-0.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 0004117d

    completely unrelated:
    and now that my aim account has been signing on and off as gaim starts and crashed, they think im a hacker or something and stopped letting me log on….

    but i tried reinstalling gtk+ and reinstalling gaim, and nothing worked 😦


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