Comment spam protection (and WordPress theme problems)

I installed a WordPress plugin called SecureImage that helps protecting against spam by forcing commenters to enter some random numbers and letters, making it harder for spammers to get through. The plugin seems to work fine, but for some reason it won’t work with my customized theme. It works for the first comment, then when the comment poster is recognized, the graphics with the random characters doesn’t appear and you get an error when trying to post. Until I’ve found the reason for this misbehavior, I’ve switched back to the default WordPress theme.

4 thoughts on “Comment spam protection (and WordPress theme problems)

  1. Smooth Lou

    Hay darlin’. It’s Smooth Lou. I am lovin’ this blog. Me and my friends have tried everything from radishes to roadblocks but we still can’t find nothin’ better than this here lil’ ole’ blog of yours. And I MEEEEEEN that.

    K. Tell Sofie-girl I said haaaaaaaaaaay. Enjoy life and recycle.

  2. Bala Singam

    I also installed the same plug in but encounter following error!

    Couldn’t find your convert utility. Check that you have ImageMagick installed.

  3. alex cornivus

    Unlike Bad Behaviour, Spam Karma or Akismet, it doesn’t call any external servers to fetch any data or make RBL checks etc. Our principle is simple. Comment spams should consume least amount of resources; in terms of CPU, Bandwidth or memory.


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