New Blog Design (Again) Coming Up

While I liked the previous design created from the flower photo I took with my new camera, it was a bit too dull, blurry and noisy. I’d rather have a theme with sharper edges and a not as integrated title image to go with it. This time around, I’ve got help from a professional who will help me creating the new blog theme. I even get to say what I like and not like about the drafts! Thanks Curtis for helping me with this!

1 thought on “New Blog Design (Again) Coming Up

  1. Hesperado

    Hi, I wondered if you could answer this question about a problem I’m having with Firefox in relation to my new blog.

    I created a blog using the free blog site “blogspot” at IE seems superior to Firefox in my management of my blog, and in the blog’s appearance, in two ways:

    1. Editing changes

    Superiority of IE:

    When I make editing changes to my blog, they show up immediately.

    Inferiority of Firefox:

    When I look at my blog — even a day later! — the changes I made are still not there!


    I changed this sentence:

    “For Saint Leonella, “these people” were the poor Africans—Muslims among them—whom she had many years before devoted her life to help.”

    To this:

    “For Saint Leonella, “these people” were the poor Africans—Muslims among them—whom she had for some 40 years devoted her life to help, in the process learning to speak the native Somalian language fluently.”

    On IE, the changed sentence was immediately visible when I re-opened my blog. On Firefox, the old sentence still remains — even a day later!

    2. Appearance of pictures within blog

    Superiority of IE:

    I recently added a picture of a moving candle flame to the end of my latest blog essay — IE immediately shows the candle flame when anybody opens my blog using IE.

    Inferiority of Firefox:

    When anybody opens my blog in Firefox and opens that particular essay into which I inserted a picture of a moving candle flame, they cannot see the picture of the moving candle flame!

    Here is my blog, with a direct link to the essay I am talking about:


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