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Patetisk Dell-reklam

Dell: en man med “europeiskt” utseende skall köpa en dator, han Ã¥ker motorbÃ¥t frÃ¥n sitt rustika sommarhus pÃ¥ gotland, sedan sitter han pÃ¥ en buss genom ett land som ser orientaliskt ut, och det ser ut som om han spiller kaffe, sedan stÃ¥r han framför ett skyltfönster i en dammig exotisk stad, och slÃ¥r sig teatraliskt i pannna. för “ååååh”, man kan ju bara köpa Dell pÃ¥ INTERNET! dÃ¥ kommer en ung tysk grunge-kille och säger nÃ¥t pÃ¥ dubbad svenska . Sen Ã¥ker den europeiska mannen hem till Gotland igen och fÃ¥r ett paket frÃ¥n Dell levererad av en fryntlig brittisk bögbrevbärare med skägg

Odalbonden 2005-05-22

MSN support in Gaim for Windows broken too

Staying on the subject of broken betas, I installed beta 3 of Gaim 2.0 for Windows, but it can’t seem to connect to MSN from my workplace. It seems this bug has been reported, but there is no fix or resolution to it. Too bad, because I prefer Gaim over Miranda IM. In this case, I have no choice but to go back to Miranda though.

It’s funny how both instant messaging projects seems to evolve in an extremely slow pace. Isn’t it interesting to develop chat programs these days?

Is Lightning broken or am I a n00b?

I downloaded the latest nightly build of Lightning and a recent Thunderbird 2.0 alpha build, and I simply cannot get it to work with .ics files. Maybe I’m just stupid, because it isn’t even mentioned in the FAQ but there seems to be no way to add a web calendar.

You can click on the New button under the Calendar tab and select Remote, but that will present you with the confusing choice between WebDAV and CalDAV. I just want to add an .ics file! For example, this Swedish Holidays file listed on Mozilla’s Calendar website. To be sure, I tried both WebDAV and CalDAV, but nothing happens after adding the calendar. No events turn up in the calendar view, not even New Year’s Eve that I have already verified exists in the .ics file.

For crying out loud: what am I doing wrong here? The wiki even lists Calendar Subscriptions as “Complete”. I’ve tried other .ics files too, such as the Ubuntu Edgy Eft Release Schedule, which by the way works perfectly in Google Calendar.

Update: At work I have Thunderbird version 3 alpha 1 (20060808) running, and I just installed the latest Lightning xpi and in this build I can’t even add a calendar. Then I found out that just using a 3.0 build isn’t enough. You need to download a 3.0 build prepared to be used with Lightning. May I ask why?

Anyway, adding a .ics calendar seems to be working in the Thunderbird 3.0 (Calendar prepared) builds. I’ll try again with the 2.0 builds when I get home. I still think that the choice between WebDAV and CalDAV is confusing though. Just a hint of “.ics” in one of the options would help a lot for newbies. Also, I hear more about iCal format on the web than either one of WebDAV and CalDAV, which makes things even more confusing.