Captcha Disabled

Many visitors commenting in this blog have mentioned that the captcha plugin I’m using is unreliable so I’ve decided to disable it for now. Does anyone know of a working solution? Not using spam protection at all is not an option.

7 thoughts on “Captcha Disabled

  1. David Tenser

    Abdulkadir Topal: Thanks! I’ve installed it now. It complained about a GD library missing for the Captcha Check feature, so I disabled that option. I don’t know what GD is.

  2. Luis Villa

    FWIW, spam karma has decided I’m a spammer in the other thread 🙂 I use akismet + bad behavior [] on my fairly high-traffic blog and have no spam problems.

  3. David Tenser

    Hopefully, Spam Karma will be able to learn by its mistakes (its GUI certainly gives me this impression) pretty much like the Thunderbird spam filters. Luis, I have approved all of your comments!

  4. Abdulkadir Topal

    Actually I’m using Spam Karma for month now and it has blocked thousands of spams since without a single false positive. BTW: GD Library is a graphics Library and SK uses it to create captchas, install it if you can, ’cause it makes a pretty big difference in the results.


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