21 thoughts on “Fanatic Debian Geeks

  1. Baptiste

    Mozilla are good at PR, Debian are not. So what ?

    That facts are, Mozilla just renegated a prior agreement, 3 months before Debian’s target release date, thereby burdening the package maintainers with unnecessary work. Just because Redhat or Novell have caved to harsher conditions does not make it right to change the rules that late in Debian’s release process.

    The Debian developpers are pissed off for good reason. Oh, and by the way, if you want them to change the name, what is *so* wrong with “Iceweasel” ?

  2. Lee Houghton

    IceWeasel is an awesome name, in fact, I was going to use it for myself years ago!

  3. Diego

    The Debian folks seem to like to forget that “Debian” is ALSO a registered trademark and that they’ve forbidden using it to many people.

    Those brainless hypocrites…

  4. David Tenser

    Oh, and by the way, if you want them to change the name, what is *so* wrong with “Iceweasel” ?

    If your question was directed towards me, I’ve never even said it’s a bad name. However, I think the fact that free software advocacies put a red cross over the single most popular Free/open-source product is pathetic.

  5. vI

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Renaming Firefox (or any other well recognized brand) goes against all common sense principles of practicality. Essentially It is a spit into the face of Linux. First, they should rename “debian” to “dumbian” and then they would be really free (free as in stupid) to do whatever they want.

  6. Maimon Mons

    Actually, the free software guys didn’t put a red cross over the single most popular Free/open-source product. They put a red cross over the *non-free logo* of the most popular Free/open-source product in the world.

    So they picked a new logo and name for the product. It’s well within their rights, and probably a good idea given the grief that mozilla.com is putting them under.

  7. PatrickQG

    As a user of Debian I strongly value the demands of freedom from Debian. The trademark is not something everyone is happy with.

    Shipping it under a different name is not going to get me to switch anytime soon.

    As to embarrassing? No, not at all. It’s a way of saying “We ship Iceweasel, not Firefox.” Kind of tongue in cheek, yes.

  8. Aethedor

    [quote]The opening A tag is still there, so the entire page is still a link in Safari. It’s just outside of the divs with IDs header and headerimg.[/quote]
    Then use a decent browser. Fireweasel for instance…. uh, I mean Icefox… no…damn. Anyway, use a decent browser!

  9. Jesse Ruderman

    Between Firefox trunk having lots of regressions, and my tendency to *try* to crash Firefox, I often end up using Safari for things like Gmail, Slashdot, and Planet Mozilla.

  10. David Tenser

    Jesse, thanks again! I missed that one too. I’ve added the closing A again, but this time it should be syntactically correct (which finally made the header image clickable). Please let me know if it isn’t.

  11. michael schurter

    Politics aside: debian users lose. Have you tried mentioning the name IceWeasel to any of your non-geek friends? At least they didn’t take me seriously before anyway…

  12. Laurens Holst

    Aethedor, or just create valid markup (or at the least well-formed). Using XHTML (the real one, with application/xhtml+xml) is a good means to ensure at least the well-formedness :).



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