Going to Germany (and the Netherlands)

I’m going to Germany next Monday for work! I’m really excited about it, as I love to travel. Although I’m mostly going to drive around in a car, it’s nice to travel to different countries and meet new people. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to take some pictures during the trip. It’s a pretty tight schedule though:

  • Monday evening: flight from Stockholm, Sweden to Stuttgart, Germany. Hotel somewhere in Stuttgart, haven’t decided which yet.
  • Tuesday: Car drive south west to Pfalzgrafenweiler to visit a customer, then moving on to another customer where I’m supposed to stay over night and update the software on a machine. Hopefully things will go well.
  • Wednesday, morning: Stay at the customer while they resume production to make sure everything works without problems.
  • Wednesday, noon: Drive north east 3½ hours to a place outside Nürnberg to visit another customer.
  • Wednesday, afternoon: Train from Nürnberg to Herford. Hotel in Herford over the night.
  • Thursday, morning: Drive west 1½ hours to Stadtlohn to visit customer.
  • Thursday, noon: Drive further west another 1½ hours to Doetinchem, Netherlands to visit another customer.
  • Thursday, afternoon: Drive back east 3 hours to Herford to sales meeting and dinner.
  • Friday, morning: Drive south west to Bielefeld to visit a couple of customers.
  • Friday, afternoon: Drive 1½ hours north east to Hanover.
  • Friday, evening: Flight from Hanover to Stockholm.

I’m doing this trip with my old classmate Andreas, nowadays a colleague of mine. It’s really nice to have a “real” friend at work (not that my other colleagues are not nice (quite the opposite!), but nothing beats a friend you’ve known for years).

The only slightly negative thing is that I get to spend my 27th birthday updating software on a large machine, several hundred miles from my love Sofie… Hopefully all goes well and I have time for a good German beer on Tuesday evening. Or maybe I should wait until Thursday and have a joint in the Netherlands instead! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Going to Germany (and the Netherlands)

  1. Andreas Otte

    Hi David! Welcome to Germany! Nice, big trip you are doing. Have fun. Sorry about your birthday. I was born near Herford and I’m now living near Bielefeld, so have fun in my home turf.

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