Monthly Archives: December 2006

Just four years, eh?

Wow, only four years were required to fix a major usability issue in Gnome:

Bug 102501 – Drag-and-drop extract operation should run instantly in background

An impressive sign of just how dedicated these Gnome developers are! Do they ever sleep?!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought File Roller is broken when it’s just taking an incredible amount of time to respond to a user-triggered event. And I thought Gnome was about usability.

OK, so I’m complaining instead of fixing it myself, and the developer actually apologizes for the extreme delay in delivering a fix. But seriously, how can such an in-your-face bug like this exist for four years before someone steps up and fixes it? I should probably just close all my Gnome bugs, since most of them are enhancement requests, which I’m sure have an average life cycle of eight years or more…