Monthly Archives: January 2007

Thailand tomorrow

Tomorrow, Sofie and I leave for a two week vacation on Phuket, Thailand! I’ll probably take lots of photos, but most of all, we will just enjoy being in a real paradise. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll shut down this server. Over and out.

Catching up

So the business trip to Germany was interesting, but very hectic. We didn’t even have time to do all things that were scheduled. I managed to take a few photos, although most of them were taken from inside the car while driving. Anyway, enjoy! I might add descriptions to them later.

Stuttgart Airport

Sofie and I celebrated Christmas with my mom and her husband at their new house outside Köping, which was great. I have a few photos from there too that I’ll upload shortly (I think). I didn’t get a Wii, but hardly anyone else did either, did they? Seems impossible to get in Sweden even today.