MonoI’m excited about the progress of Mono, the open-source implementation of the Microsoft .NET development platform. The software I’m developing at work is written in C#. This basically means that in the future, we could switch from Windows XP to Linux with relatively little effort. The only things that would need to be re-written, I’m assuming, are the OPC communication library, and the database communication (we’re currently using a Microsoft Access 2003 database).

I see a few potential benefits from switching to a Linux-based platform for the EM5 machines:

  • No Windows XP/XPe license cost.
  • Easier to set up a secure, restricted environment for the operator.
  • Secure remote administration using SSH.

Some emotional aspects as well:

  • No sucking up to Microsoft.
  • I like Linux.

Of course, I would need to do a proper investigation to see if there are other aspects that makes Linux less suitable. For example, many customers communicate directly with the queue database of our software system. That communication must be working between their system (e.g. Microsoft Access or whatever they’re using) and ours (using e.g. MySQL).

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