Windows XP Is A Toy

I was at a mate’s house the other night and helped transferring data from his old PC running Windows XP to his new MacBook and was amazed by just how much better Mac OS X looks compared to Windows XP (and to be fair, Gnome).

Mac OS X

Everything from the toolbar buttons, the task bar, the clock, and the window borders just look so much more polished. In comparison, Windows XP looks like a toy:

Windows XP

I know it’s not fair to compare the latest Mac OS X to the aging Windows XP, but even back in the days, Mac OS X was a much more compelling alternative if you cared about looks (which I shamelessly do). And anyway, Mac OS X looks better than Windows Vista too.

By the way, my friend who bought a MacBook is as far from a computer geek you can get. All he uses a computer for is basically instant messaging and downloading stuff. So it was nice to see him think outside the box and get a Mac instead of a PC. I had nothing to do with that (if anything, I’d probably recommended Linux).

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