Silliest IT Phrase of the Decennium

“It Just Works”

Or even worse: “It Just Works ™”

So what if your favorite application “Just Works”, I’m sick and tired of hearing about it already.

2 thoughts on “Silliest IT Phrase of the Decennium

  1. Travis

    I couldn’t agree more!

    The only exception is where it is used sarcastically. Like when our Xserve has problems at work, we taunt the Mac fans with “it just works”.

    What I think is so dumb about the phrase, is that I don’t want something that just works, I want something that works + and then some. If I wanted a web browser that “just works” I’d use Lynx, whereas if I wanted a browser that revolutionizes the whole web browsing experience, I’d use Firefox.

  2. Dave

    Well let’s just say that this phrase came about because of the shoddy nature of a lot of software particularly that from Microsoft.

    You often hear the ‘just works’ thing from Mac fans taunting Windows users for the hassles they go through.

    It just shows what a sad state our computing industry is in when ‘just works’ is something special and to be proud of. Any mass market product should meet this criteria.


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