Mozilla Thunderbird 2 – The Sequel to Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird, the only program that I keep running during my whole work day, has just been upgraded to version 2. Congratulations, Scott and the Thunderbird team!

I encourage anyone looking for an excellent mail client to replace e.g. Outlook or Outlook Express to try Mozilla Thunderbird. If you want to be convinced, read the features page.

Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0

At my workplace, I’m still the only one using it because everyone else is a bit narrow-minded and wants everything to be just the way they’re used to (which in this case means Microsoft Office). However, I’m slowly starting to convince people to look for open source alternatives. Mozilla Firefox is already used by circa five persons and counting, and, even to my own surprise, the GIMP has replaced Photoshop for one of my colleagues.

3 thoughts on “Mozilla Thunderbird 2 – The Sequel to Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Percy

    I’m still waiting for Exchange support as I guess must be at least a few thousands of users. Together with a firewall blocking my access to my IMAP and POP account it leaves very little for me to get from Thunderbird during the largest part of the day.

    So I will have to keep launching Outlook and watching you all people enjoy it. Oh well!

  2. Vi

    Thanks for great work. Love those back and forth buttons waited for them for a long time.
    Spell checking still needs some more work. Now calendar, calendar, calendar is the keyword. We now need more than a spark from Lightning.


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