Browsing Folders in Firefox 3

Here’s one of the many small improvements in Firefox 3 Beta 1 that I really like:

Browsing a local folder in Firefox 2:

Browsing a local folder in Firefox 2

Browsing a local folder in Firefox 3 Beta 1:

Browsing a local folder in Firefox 3

This makes it so much easier to navigate your local files. And it’s not just eye candy — you can now sort the file listing on Name, Size, and Last Modified!

For a more complete coverage of Firefox 3 Beta, this article by Ars Technica is a good start.

12 thoughts on “Browsing Folders in Firefox 3

  1. Maxo

    One thing I’ve always wanted to see is a file manager implemented in FF. I know that this won’t happen (short of an extension) for various valid reasons, but an open source, multi-platform file manager could have so many benefits.

  2. Gijs

    It is, in my humble opinion, a pity that all this really does is look prettier. It is not faster (slower, if anything, due to the extra css and images) and it does not provide additional functionality. The Suite still has the option to use XUL to display directories, which provides a more native-looking UI as well as a tree directory view, something which I’ve always thought was very useful. This feature was taken out for Firefox, and even though I filed a bug to bring it back long ago, nothing has happened (even on that bug – it wasn’t even WONTFIXed, which would put the matter to an end, albeit not a very pleasant one).

  3. John S. Thomsen

    For this functionality to be useful to me, the directories must be listed at the top.

  4. Boris

    David, it doesn’t add functionality when compared to the tree view, which is what I assume Gijs was talking about…

    That said, I’d be interested in a performance comparison between this view and the tree view. Loading a local file listing got about 2x slower as a result of these changes, and it would be nice if we could get some more of that perf back…

  5. Miksago

    Wow, this is a great new feature, any idea if it’ll be implemented for most file directory pages, such as raw ftp and server outputs?


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