4 thoughts on “Stop Global Warming

  1. Praveen

    But, how is the problem. US currently produces 25% of world’s greenhouse gases. But, this is nowhere near the population as % of world population.

    While it might be idle thinking that per capita greenhouse emission limits are set. There should be a judicious way of setting emission limits. You cannot expect developing countries to cut their emissions especially in a world where growth is driven by CO2


  2. Andy

    Here is a good article related to ecology.

    “The exhaustion of the natural resources, pollution and global warming, vanishing forests, overpopulation, drugs, murders, the ecological catastrophes and meaningless wars, the unexplored epidemics in the third-world countries and unstable economical situation ruined the fragile balance of the planet and caused the nature’s attack.”

    I think you’d like it 🙂


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