3 thoughts on “Just discovered on the back of Newsweek

  1. steven

    That’s pretty funny. I like the concreteness of the water and the gas and the tubes and evaporation/condensation of the shell ad. I find the Mozilla page a bit too abstract. I think I get the symbolism of the branches of the tree. Different paths and places growth of the internet. But balloons and animals seem to be more associated with children’s birthday parties. I guess they can represent creativity and playfulness. For some reason I like shells ad better even though there are similarities between the two. I guess Mozilla’s page is just not apparent enough to me.

  2. David

    I agree with steven, the Mozilla page looks nice but it’s just too abstract. I feel like I’m looking at a merging of the current Firefox page, the old GIMP splash screen, and a background styled after Twitter. 🙂


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