Monthly Archives: July 2008

I'm back in town!

I arrived in San Francisco at around 10:00 PM after a 45 flight delay with Delta Airlines, but didn’t actually arrive at the incredibly Wild Palms hotel until 12:30 because of a major misunderstanding by the Hertz car rental dealer added with an unparalleled unwillingness to be service-minded and just fix the problem the right way. Yes, that’s four adjectives in one sentence. That’s how hard this hit me. And no, I can’t count.

During this first day in Sunny California, anno 2008, I made the following notes:

  • Baja Fresh is still teh fresh. Seriously, plus plus one one.
  • In-N-Out serve more fries than you can possibly ask for, yet you still somehow manage to eat it all up.
  • The Wild Palms just got wilder by replacing their mixed fruits with American pancakes. Just the Super Size Me upper edge I needed.
  • Dollars not only look like Monopoly money, they even have roughly the same value.
  • Stephen Donner’s neighbors sometimes make unmotivated but seemingly exhausting ten-feet swims.
  • Ruby is as cute as ever.

It’s good to be back. Really excited about meeting everyone at Mozilla tomorrow, including of course all the new people!