texturizer.net — A blast from the past

About eight years ago, I was selling a text editor called Texturizer on the texturizer.net domain. What few people knew was that this domain was never owned by myself, but by Anthony Bowersox, who ran an early startup company that had access to a server with plenty of bandwidth. At that time, having a dedicated domain name for my relatively successful shareware program was huge for me, and I was very thankful that Anthony purchased texturizer.net.

After about two years of active development, I started to get more interested in software development in general, and open source in particular. I quickly got involved with Mozilla and decided to create a simple website for Firefox (then called Phoenix), which was hosted on texturizer.net/phoenix. The rest is history.

The reason why I bring this up today is because I was pinged this morning by Adam Barlam, the server administrator who helped me a lot with the hosting of Firefox Help. For example, during the release of Firefox 0.9, the server host was having serious bandwidth and performance issues and we had to take out some of the heavier PHP code and add caching mechanisms to survive — just like we do today with SUMO by the way. 🙂 If it wasn’t for Adam, the server would have suffered from frequent outages, as the Firefox project quickly became incredibly popular compared to the bandwidth and server resources texturizer.net was equipped with.

It’s always nice to catch up with people you’ve known for ages, so I was excited to hear from Adam this morning. Apparently, he is now the owner of a company called Barlam Enterprises, who among other things create web sites and offer IT services for other companies. As a testament that he still knows what he’s doing, in just five minutes he fixed an issue I had for a long time with the RSS feed of my blog!

Adam, thank you for helping me and Mozilla host the early Firefox support documentation, and for fixing my RSS today! 🙂

19 thoughts on “texturizer.net — A blast from the past

  1. Adam Barlam

    Glad I could help out an old pal! It is crazy to think where Firefox is now and how we were involved in its infancy! To think we are on release 3.x is just crazy. Ahh the days of texturizer.net/phoenix getting slashdotted. That was always fun! 250K/hr!

  2. Dave

    It’s a shame that domain has now been squatted but I do remember the days of Phoenix help well. Back in those days I also followed development closely but never had the opportunity to contribute in any large meaningful scale. Another site I used to visit religiously was the blogupdates on gemal.dk, although that page has not updated for a while.

  3. Rob Weller

    Hey, Dave. I just stumbled upon this post, and wanted to thank you for creating Texturizer. I bought my copy about 3 years after you stopped work on it, but it’s still my main tool for web work. Cheers.

  4. Brian

    Thanks for making Texturizer. Still use my bought copy to this day. Actually found this post by trying to find out if it was still supported/developed. Oh well, too bad, so sad :.(……. Thanks again!

  5. 14U2DAY

    I have to get on the backs of others that has the program “Texturizer” and asked that you create a blog site just for that so we can share our notes with each other. I have a bought copy that I use almost everyday in dealing with errors with websites, html, well you know… I don’t have to preach to the choir!!! Great program!!! Thank You!!!

  6. David Tenser

    14U2DAY, Brian: Thanks for your posts. If you have any questions about Texturizer, I’d be interested in hearing them. I might be able to shed some light on something, e.g. if you’re having a problem with it or similar.

  7. Sam

    I still use Texturizer too! I’ve been using it so many years its crazy, but I just can’t find a suitable replacement.
    Bring it back:)
    It’s got so many useful features with a compact yet functional UI and takes so little memory and cpu.

  8. Scott

    I too am a faithful texturizer user. bought a copy several years ago, and use it EVERY DAY. I too was recently checking around to see if I had the latest version… I guess I do! 🙂

  9. David Tenser

    Ed, Sam, and Scott: thanks for using it! I wish I could say I might find the time and energy to bring it all back, but I doubt I will. It was a wonderful learning experience for me (and a way to scratch my own itch), but I’m now a proud Linux user with too little spare time. 🙂

    I do miss a lot of the features in the text editors I use today though. Again, if you have any questions about Texturizer, you can find my contact info on this blog. 🙂

  10. JP

    I just found my texturizer installer (v1.8.1) on an old hard drive back-up. The computer is long gone but I was pleased to find this and some other stuff I used to use. Just wish I had my registration code. :o\

  11. David Tenser Post author

    JP, if you send me an email with the details of your purchase of Texturizer, I’ll see what I can do to resend you the registration code.

  12. Brian D.

    Still using texturizer daily. Found this post searching for updates on why it died. Thanks for a great program.

  13. BryanScotty

    David Tenser! I have been searching for you off and on for years. I have been using Texturizer, it seems, forever (okay, maybe not forever, but for as long as I can remember… which, when I think about it, isn’t saying much, since my memory isn’t so good) …what was I saying…? OH! Yes. I have been using it since early on in it’s development. A few years ago someone showed me notepad++ and I used that for a while… but I went back to Texturizer. It has some incredible and unique features. I still recommend it to fellow ITS’ers. Definitely worth the few measly dollars I spent on it. I would certainly pay more for any updates that would come out 🙂 ! Anyway, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for a great tool that has helped me be more efficient over the years. What would be really cool would be a user group that user’s could share macros on (or is there one I don’t know of ?)! Anyway, I know people who know people around the world (business) and would certainly promote an updated version. It still works on Windows 7 64-bit with no problems (not sure about Windows 8 yet). But I was thinking, if you or someone you contracted with could make Texturizer work with PowerShell, you would have a competitively marketable product. Just a thought… (okay, a wish)! Anyway, thanks for reading this long post. You seem to be an incredibly busy man! Oh, and nice work with that Mozilla thing 🙂 . I wish you and your loved ones the best. Take Care!

  14. Aaron B.

    I just came across this post searching for Texturizer. I, too, still use this program on a daily basis. It was one of the best purchases I ever made. Thank you for Texturizer and thank you for your work with Mozilla. I have been a big fan of both for years and was pleasantly surprised to learn about your connection to both.

    While it seems that many of the other posters use it for HTML editing, I find it invaluable for reviewing multiple logs while troubleshooting equipment. The tab feature has made comparisons between files so much easier.

    For anyone having trouble installing Texturizer on Windows 7:

    With the end of support for XP, I find myself trying to get Texturizer to install on Windows 7 Pro x32. The installer locks up when registering fonts, but I was able to get the program installed by going old school and copying the Texturizer folder from my XP to my Win7 Program Files location.

    Also, it seems that the Microsoft Common Controls 3 Object Library may not be registered properly when installing Windows 7. I had to re-register “comct332.ocx” in order to get Texturizer (the program, not the installer) to run. To do this:

    Click on the Start button and type “cmd” in the search box (without quotes).
    Right click on cmd.exe and choose “Run as administrator to open a command prompt.
    Type “regsvr32 /u comct332.ocx” (no quotes) and hit Enter to un-register the file. Then type “regsvr32 /i comct332.ocx” (no quotes) and hit Enter to re-register the file.
    Close the command prompt and then try to run Texturizer.

  15. Luiz Henrique Costa

    Hello , I have a problem regarding the Texturizer on windows 7 , it installs correctly, but at the time it opens , to insert any character appears next to an “X ” with a warning that is a problem , and giving this “X ” I am unable to do any macro , which is what most use here . Thanks for listening , I await answers !

    version 1.77


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