Monthly Archives: October 2008

Finally back from MozCamp and Barcelona

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being part of the first Mozilla Camp Europe event, this year held in Barcelona, Spain. I was there to, among other things, clear up some of the misunderstandings about SUMO we’ve seen among some European community members. MozCamp was a perfect opportunity to address this, and I was very excited that Abdulkadir Topal from the German Mozilla community wanted to co-host this session with me. Kadir recently met with the German Mozilla community in Köln, where it became clear that not everyone knew why SUMO existed, or which problems the project is trying to solve, or that SUMO is not competing with local support communities.

Me and Kadir
Kadir and I at MozCamp 2008. Photo (c) Brian King.

Kadir and I had lots of fun preparing and giving this session, and I’m really thankful that he wanted to do this with me. I think it helped making people understand why SUMO is important for everyone. For those that didn’t attend the session, I’ll upload slides shortly, and I also believe the session was filmed and will be available to view online sometime next week.

MozCamp was really amazing. I had so much fun talking to fellow Mozillians and meeting some SUMO contributors for the first time. I especially would like to call out Wim Benes (Frisian localizer) and Simone Lando (Italian localizer). I’ve had lots of contact with these two amazing guys over the last 12 months, and it was great to finally meet them in real life.

And of course, it’s always a pleasure to meet face to face with the people you interact with online, both contributors and employees. There were so many people I was looking forward to meeting again, including Seth Bindernagel, Chris Hofmann, William, Jane, Mark Finkle, Life of Brian, Tomcat, Clint, Stas, Gandalf. Then there were people I hadn’t really interacted much with before that were really fun to hang out with, like Christian of Fennec fame (jeg kjenner vad jeg kjenner!), Matjaž Horvat, and Toni Hermoso Pulido. I probably missed a few people… Sorry!

Big congratulations to the people who worked hard on making MozCamp 2008 a huge success. I really can’t wait for the next!