Monthly Archives: November 2008

My new name

Patrick helped me registering with Flying Blue before our flight to Paris for the MAOW event, but he accidentally mixed up the fields for first and last name (because KLM is stupid enough to ask for the last name first, and the first name last) so I ended up with a card that says “Tenser David.”

What’s worse, it seems this is now slowly being picked up by our good friends across the Atlantic too:

By the way, I’m in Mountain View right now for a marketing work week with Mozilla. I love it!

MozCamp 2008 slides

Watch the slides from Kadir’s and my SUMO presentation at Mozilla Camp Europe 2008.

Because of the many animations and objects in the slides, this static HTML version of them don’t do the presentation justice. Also, I intentionally used mostly images and not much text, so it’s probably hard to understand this without the audio. William says the video recordings of the presentations should be available shortly, so stay tuned for that!