Visualizing your thoughts as art

Jane sent an e-mail about a word cloud generator that can take something like a web page or a block of text as input and automatically generate a beautiful word cloud. I’m currently working with Laura on the SUMO development roadmap for 2009, based on the Vision for SUMO blog series I posted back in September. Here’s an artistic view of the work in progress:

Expect to read more about our plans for 2009 shortly on the SUMO Blog.

4 thoughts on “Visualizing your thoughts as art

  1. Simon

    Discovered Wordle a while back. My team at work keeps a quotes page of memorable things people have said, and it was quite amusing to extract the names from that and feed it into Wordle.

  2. Zak Greant

    Hey David,

    Funnily, I’ve been playing with this lately as well. I used Wordle to generate an alternate view of the Manifesto (, Hammurabi’s code of laws ( and a (simplified) version of the UN declaration of human rights (

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