The day I met Ken Kovash

Today I’d like to share a very personal story that I hold dearly to my heart. It’s one of those mind-blowing moments that in an instant changes everything for the better and makes you wonder if there isn’t a great purpose of life after all. Indeed, I’m talking about the day I first met Ken Kovash.

I remember it as if it were yesterday; I was at this party and had already had the first beer of the evening. While contemplating ordering another beer, I thought to myself: “great success!” But little did I know that I was about to experience something that would forever change my definition of Great Success. The evening had hardly even started.

As I was happily walking back to my table with a second beer in my hand after ending a brief conversation with an acquaintance at the bar, it suddenly just happened. There he was, Ken Kovash, standing by himself in a corner, looking at people around him almost as if he was monitoring them. It was surreal; I was there at the same party as Ken Kovash! Few people there seemed to realize that they were being mentally herded like cattle by this mysterious man; they were merely chatting about the elementary things in life,  as if they were completely unaware of their ongoing Near-Ken-Kovash experience. Were they just programmed to be ignorant? Was this all just a dream?

The seconds that followed are somewhat blurry to me, but I will never forget the feeling that struck me when he suddenly looked my way. Yes, Ken Kovash was looking straight at me! My legs were shaking. I felt just like, I imagine, a confused hare standing on a railroad track in the middle of a dark, cold night — paralyzed, powerless, frightened — blindly staring into the headlights of the rapidly approaching freight train that in this grand metaphor was Ken Kovash. The way he looked at me, it was as if he was silently calculating and estimating every measurable property — my age, my salary, perhaps even the time I had left to live. But just like you could imagine, he did it in a good way, as if he was looking after me. He gave me a brief (0.70 x 10-9 seconds long, the transition time between the two lowest states of the hydrogen atom) smile as I walked up to him, and the rest is history.

Ken and me. Notice how happy and thankful I am over this incredible opportunity; I knew I wasn’t worthy.

Everything in my life changed after this. I shared some of my love for Ken in a blog post last year that became the start of the Ken Kovash Day. I feel so much stronger, happier, and prouder than ever before. It is truly one of those magical moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Today is Ken Kovash Day 2008. Join the movement, go to and share your excitement!

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