Monthly Archives: April 2009

Got myself a Flickr account at last

I finally decided that it was worth 25 bucks per year to have a permanent, safe, and easy to access backup of all my precious photos. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was how this would also bring back the fun of sharing photos again.

With my photo collection on my personal server (, I was constantly micro-managing the photo uploads by renaming image titles from e.g. IMG_1350.JPG to 01.jpg because I thought it looked cleaner with URLs like compared to something like If I had a complete set uploaded and later on realized I had forgotten one picture, I found myself struggling to insert that picture in the set and renumber all pictures.

Because of all this work associated with uploading images, I started to hold off on uploading photos until I found some free time for the micro-management, and the result is that I haven’t uploaded any photos for quite a while now.

The thrill of being drunk Flickr has changed all that for me now. The URL prettiness is no longer an issue because direct image URLs are ugly no matter how you look at it, and the title of the image is separate from the URL. Bandwidth and storage space are not issues either, and albums (sets) can be created on the fly with photos belonging to more than one set, making organizing photos simple and fun.

Have a look at my new and growing photo collection at I plan to move all my existing photo albums over there too, but one step at a time here! The most important thing was to get all the new photos up.

Some previously unpublished Mozilla albums: