djst's nest, a microblog?

I’m thinking of turning this blog into a microblog. What that actually means is simply that I would write more often on the blog without feeling that every blog post needs to be substantial, clever, and proof-read.

I’ve found that I blog much less nowadays and the main reason for it is a lack of time — it’s so much simpler to just post a Facebook status update, or tweet. But at the same time, I often feel that I could write at least a few sentences about any given topic, which immediately makes the 140 character limit somewhat… limiting.

In the Mozilla world, I recently worked in the Paris office for a week, interviewed some really strong candidates for the Support Community Manager role, hung out with my Mozilla community friends at FOSDEM 2010, and sang songs about nukeador — all of which are topics worthy of (micro)blog posts on their own.

So, rather than letting this blog slowly die, I will start to write briefer blog posts and get them out more frequently. Consider this my Sunday morning promise (whatever that means).

3 thoughts on “djst's nest, a microblog?

  1. Nukeador

    Good idea, I have also in my to-do list to change my blog design in that direction, show Twitts, Google Reader shared items… etc and also the normal posts, all in the front page.

    Other thing I’ve been doing it’s to import automatically all post I write in Mozilla Hispano to my blog, this way I don’t have to update my blog with the same topics 😉


  2. David Tenser

    Nukeador, I’ve also thought about that — at least having my twitter/facebook updates show up in a sidebar or something. I need to upgrade WordPress and install a theme that actually has a sidebar though.


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