I love the iPad!

Mmm, the iPad. It’s so beautiful, so sleek, so elegant, so useful. I think everyone should buy one. A couple of things I love about it:

1. Seal of Quality

Isn’t it great that Apple reviews all programs before they’re added to the App Store? It’s a bit like the Seal of Quality™ stamp that good old Nintendo put on their NES games to ensure you that your purchase would give you hours of quality game play in front of the television set make more money.

In practice, this means that we can feel safe with our iPads knowing that the virtual chocolate box app we purchase meets Apples’ rigorous quality standards. And it’s only $0.99! That’s almost free as in beer, folks (who cares about free as in speech anyway?).

2. Browser Choice

We all know how important the web browser choice is. That’s why it’s so convenient that Apple already made the choice for us on the iPad: Safari! They even went the extra mile to make it impossible to install other browsers, so I don’t need to worry about whether or not Safari is the right choice for me.  And besides, Safari is the best browser out there, right?

Or as they say themselves:

“Our lives are full of choices. iPod Touch or iPod Nano? Silver, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple or Black? All of them?

As a for-profit corporation, we have always believed that the freedom to make smart choices should be restricted to Apple to make the product experience, the Web, and the world, a better place. This shows through with our iPad running Safari, a free-as-in-beer, closed-source Web browser that we have chosen for more than 350 people in the US. Values of choice and self-determination are built into everything that we do: you can either buy the iPad, or don’t. You know you want to.”

7 thoughts on “I love the iPad!

  1. Daniel

    Thats ace, good post, makes me want to buy an iPad but what colour to choose, gaah the choices 🙂

  2. Gondola

    I think many people will just see the title, and then move on, thinking “another guy went Apple-crazy”.

  3. sonny

    I’m note sure there is a link between the Nintendo certification and the app store model.
    As I know, Nintendo didn’t control which games are allowed to be sell or not.
    But it’s good to see some blog post against Apple 🙂

  4. Nice

    So does that mean if the iPad dominates the slate market (which it already does), can/should we ask the EU to enforce a browser ballot?

  5. Robert Kaiser

    I fully agree – and if you didn’t know that, you can even develop your own software for the iPad, you just need to pay 99$ per year (IIRC) to have a little bit more access to your own iPad so you can develop stuff! Isn’t that cool?
    (It’s not like that would work with less effort anywhere, right? Apple makes things so easy, it’s a real charm!)

  6. Tristan

    “Values of choice and self-determination are built into everything that we do: you can either buy the iPad, or don’t. You know you want to”

    Just awesome 🙂

    It just shows how different Mozilla and Apple are.


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