Monthly Archives: February 2012

Olympus E-M5 – my next camera?

While I’ve only owned my Olympus E-PM1 a little over a couple of months now (read my review about that camera for more info), I’ve already got my eyes on my next potential upgrade: the Olympus OM-D E-M5.

Of course, this kind of represents a 180 for me, since I most recently “upgraded” from the E-P1 to the more compact and lightweight E-PM1. If I buy the E-M5, I’ll instead get a much heavier and more bulky camera, but the improved continuous focus speed, the new sensor, the built-in electronic viewfinder, and the new steadicam-like anti-shake feature make the extra bulk entirely worth it.I also feel after having used the E-PM1 for a while that the lack of controls is a little crippling at time, so I would definitely appreciate the added controls on this new 70s rangefinder-inspired camera.

I’ll be looking forward to more in-depth reviews and samples of the actual photos taken with this camera, but on the surface, this sure looks promising.