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We shalln't see the days so short any more

FireSweden is a very dark place in December, even here in Eskilstuna (although this is nothing compared to how it is in Kiruna right now). You can really feel it when you go up in the mornings; even at 10 am, there light is dim and you need to turn on the lights inside and drink an extra cup of warm coffee in order to wake up.

Today, December 2, is exactly 18 days before the winter solstice occurs; a day I’m always looking forward to during this time of the year. Because on December 20, I can finally, once again, say: “Nu går vi mot ljusare tider!”

Or as Patrick Finch‘s great grandmother used to say:

We shalln’t see the days so short any more. — A blast from the past

About eight years ago, I was selling a text editor called Texturizer on the domain. What few people knew was that this domain was never owned by myself, but by Anthony Bowersox, who ran an early startup company that had access to a server with plenty of bandwidth. At that time, having a dedicated domain name for my relatively successful shareware program was huge for me, and I was very thankful that Anthony purchased

After about two years of active development, I started to get more interested in software development in general, and open source in particular. I quickly got involved with Mozilla and decided to create a simple website for Firefox (then called Phoenix), which was hosted on The rest is history.

The reason why I bring this up today is because I was pinged this morning by Adam Barlam, the server administrator who helped me a lot with the hosting of Firefox Help. For example, during the release of Firefox 0.9, the server host was having serious bandwidth and performance issues and we had to take out some of the heavier PHP code and add caching mechanisms to survive — just like we do today with SUMO by the way. 🙂 If it wasn’t for Adam, the server would have suffered from frequent outages, as the Firefox project quickly became incredibly popular compared to the bandwidth and server resources was equipped with.

It’s always nice to catch up with people you’ve known for ages, so I was excited to hear from Adam this morning. Apparently, he is now the owner of a company called Barlam Enterprises, who among other things create web sites and offer IT services for other companies. As a testament that he still knows what he’s doing, in just five minutes he fixed an issue I had for a long time with the RSS feed of my blog!

Adam, thank you for helping me and Mozilla host the early Firefox support documentation, and for fixing my RSS today! 🙂

I'm back in town!

I arrived in San Francisco at around 10:00 PM after a 45 flight delay with Delta Airlines, but didn’t actually arrive at the incredibly Wild Palms hotel until 12:30 because of a major misunderstanding by the Hertz car rental dealer added with an unparalleled unwillingness to be service-minded and just fix the problem the right way. Yes, that’s four adjectives in one sentence. That’s how hard this hit me. And no, I can’t count.

During this first day in Sunny California, anno 2008, I made the following notes:

  • Baja Fresh is still teh fresh. Seriously, plus plus one one.
  • In-N-Out serve more fries than you can possibly ask for, yet you still somehow manage to eat it all up.
  • The Wild Palms just got wilder by replacing their mixed fruits with American pancakes. Just the Super Size Me upper edge I needed.
  • Dollars not only look like Monopoly money, they even have roughly the same value.
  • Stephen Donner’s neighbors sometimes make unmotivated but seemingly exhausting ten-feet swims.
  • Ruby is as cute as ever.

It’s good to be back. Really excited about meeting everyone at Mozilla tomorrow, including of course all the new people!

My New Job

topicmozilla.gifAlmost four months ago, one of my big dreams came true as I was hired by Mozilla to work as the project manager for the new Firefox Support project called SUMO ( It remember the strange, almost surreal (but very positive!) feeling I got when getting contacted and interviewed over the phone for the first time. The next step, flying across the Atlantic for the first time to meet some of the awesome people I had worked with over the Internet since circa 2002, was nothing short of amazing.

During the first two months, I worked from the Mozilla office in Mountain View, California, which gave me a good kick-start, and introduced me to some of the finer American traditions; for example, donuts, Baja Fresh, and In-N-Out! I also got to know a bunch of amazing people — more people than I could mention in this blog post.

Today, I feel privileged to have my hobby as my full-time job, and it’s been an awesome ride so far. In fact, it’s been so hectic and fun that I forgot to blog about this until now! I plan on increasing the blogging frequency for 2008, which is going to be an exciting year for sure.

First Canada Impressions

Just arrived in Toronto, Canada, where I’ll stay for three days. Although I’ve only really seen the view from my hotel room and a little strip of Queen St W, I can already tell this place is much like Sweden. Traffic signs use the metrics system, the temperature is in Celsius, it’s cold, the girls are pretty and dress fashionably, and prices are insane. Of course, I’ve never seen this many skyscrapers in my life. That detail is not at all like Sweden. 🙂