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5th International Conference on Open Source Systems

Last week, Patrick, William and I drove down to Skövde for the Open Source Systems 2009 conference and OSCOMM 2009 (the “First International Workshop on Building Sustainable Open Source Communities”). From Eskilstuna, Skövde is a three-hour drive best accompanied with the deep base acoustics of a Citroën playing James Brown, The Beatles, random hip hop, and any other classics you can find in Patrick’s freestyle music collection.

OSS 2009 in SkövdeOSS 2009 was a very interesting conference with two engaging keynotes by Stormy Peters and Brian Behlendorf. Aside from these keynotes, the focus of the conference was on analyzing community dynamics and applying models to explain observations. I sometimes felt that there was too much focus on academics (e.g. making a presentation look smarter by using complicated terms, graphs, and models) and too little emphasis on actually presenting a concrete insight or conclusion. As a result, I definitely enjoyed the ten minutes of open questions at the end of each presentation more than the presentations themselves.

The OSCOMM 2009 workshop last Saturday was a lot more hands-on, where we had very interesting discussions about building and sustaining communities. Patrick wrote a more in-depth summary of the event.

Pictures from OSS/OSCOMM 2009 are tagged with oss2009.