About me

Hi there! I’m David Tenser and I work at Mozilla as the Director of User Success (and on a part-time basis as Director of Community Development). I’m responsible for Mozilla’s global and open source support platform and community at support.mozilla.org, also known as SUMO. Mozilla has been my hobby since 2001 and I still need to pinch myself sometimes to really believe that my hobby is my full-time job. For up-to-date news about SUMO, check out the SUMO Blog.

Aside from being a big fan of Mozilla, I’m also a computer scientist and a passionate believer in open source. My first contribution to open source was made in 1996 when I wrote Battleship on my TI-82 calculator, proudly written in Basic and quickly spreading to fellow students of my school.

I live in Eskilstuna, Sweden with my wife Sophie and our little wonderful son Sebastian (born in September 2013). I love scuba diving and photography. Most of my photos can be viewed on Flickr.